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Naturamla stems from the idea of a group of Italian researchers – a biologist, a pharmaceutical chemist and a doctor – to apply the scientific method to natural strategies in order to achieve the health and wellness of the body through diets, nutraceuticals and cosmeceutics. Naturamla is an Italian company that develops and markets innovative, highly functional nutraceuticals and cosmetics with proven efficacy that have beneficial and protective features for the physical and mental health of individuals. It is a company firmly committed to respecting the environment that follows an eco-sustainable line of development. Naturamla collaborates with selected partners for the supply of highly qualified active ingredients in compliance with regulations and characterized by scientifically effective titrations aimed at reaching and maintaining excellent health and wellness.

The combination of Amla and Sericin is a Unique and Effective combination.

Amla has a significant antioxidant activity, “ORAC Dense”, and is considered a “rasayana” plant in Ayurveda that is able to reduce cellular oxidative stress and rejuvenate the general health of the body. The water-soluble extract of Amla fights free radicals, boosts immune defenses, improves liver function and is used for liver detoxification. It also improves glucose metabolism and is an aid in secondary complications of diabetes. The presence of Amla in cosmeceutics has a high photoprotective effect from UVA-UVB rays and soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that counteract the redness and irritation caused by external factors on the skin.

Intact Sericin, which is produced exclusively in Italy through new and advanced extraction technologies, is enriched with its M component, the one element that is most active and effective on the skin since it is able to act on human skin fibroblasts involved in cell regeneration, thus triggering a wound repair process on the skin. Intact Sericin has a remarkable protective and filmogenic effect that improves the structure of hydration of the dermis, encouraging a smoothing action on superficial irregularities, revitalizing the skin that thus becomes soft and shiny, like the sensation of silk. Sericin has a remarkable antioxidant power, fights cellular stress, enhances skin defenses and reduces the formation of skin spots. Intact Sericin is characterized by a high photoprotective effect from UVA-UVB rays that counteracts the redness and irritation that may occur as a result of prolonged sun exposure.